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2016 Wrap-Up…

January 1, 2017

My blog posts are much less frequent over the last couple of years. Since 2013, my schedule has been filled with illustration jobs and fire department work, taking me to new levels I would have never imagined. On the art-side of my life, 2016 was a year that added two new books to my “I Illustrated those” children’s library.


Our States have Crazy Shapes

The first is a fun book by author, Lynn Garthwaite. “Our States have Crazy Shapes” is a cool book that tells the stories of how each of our 50 states got the borders we see today, when we look at a map. I created the cover for the book and had a whole lot of fun doing it! I wish much luck to Lynn and this super cool book!

My second project in 2016 was a fantastic recreation of a classic early-reader book by the amazing author, Margaret Hillert. I was asked by Norwood House Press to create my own version of, “Up, Up and Away“; a book that was originally released in 1950. I remembered reading this book when I was in elementary school and it was a true honor to recreate this book in my own vision in 2016. I look forward to working with Norwood House Press again very soon.


Up, Up, and Away

Midway through 2016, I was contacted by Puny Entertainment and asked to join their production company for an animated series they were creating. From July to November, I worked as a Storyboard Revisionist for a 26-episode animated series that is going to be absolutely amazing! The show will debut in summer of 2017. Once it hits the screen, I will share more information…and cross my fingers for a second season contract. 🙂

On the other side of the Scott Spinks Coin is my ongoing career in the fire service. Things are going very well. We had a handful of veterans retire this past year and they will be greatly missed. But, on the good side, we have added about eight new members who appear to be sharp as tacks. Chemistry within the department is looking great and our crews are taking care of business like a well-oiled machine. As a department, we responded to over 400 calls in 2016 and in addition (as Investigator 1), I responded to approximately 12 fire investigations for the county. Emergencies are never something we “want” to have a lot of. However, we are very proud to offer our services to our community and we will continue to try to keep our citizens and the visitors safe from harm.

Lastly, for the first part of 2017, I have a semi-full plate. I have one picture book pitch I am putting the finishing touches on. And beginning later this week, my teaching schedule starts to take off. I will be teaching classes all year long at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, in Orono, Minnesota. And I will still be offering a number of art-badge classes to the Girl Scouts. I wish all of you a happy and safe 2017!


Scott Spinks

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