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February; the month of…

February 9, 2015

Occasionally, I catch the snow melting on the sidewalk, acting as if April is right around the corner. But then, a frigid breeze rolls across the ground and glazes that melting snow with a brand new layer of winter. So, I keep my wool socks near my boots by the back door and I get back to work, ignoring my misguided hope for an early spring. But, as a bird perches on the shrub in front of my studio window, I find myself longing for spring again. Listening closely for sounds of bees buzzing, ski boats making swift turns around the lake and larger flocks of birds, singing the praises of warm weather. But as another breeze blows, I shake my day dreams off and focus myself back to work on a new illustration.

My schedule has been buwabbitssy in 2015 and it looks to be even busier as I move toward spring. I just finished a pair of projects for United Methodist Publishing House and I am about to begin another. On top of those wonderful projects, I am also beginning work on a new picture book. This book will be published by Pauline Books & Media.

As some of you may already know, my illustration and writing work is only about 60 percent of my normal workload. I also teach two days per week at a variety of schools around Minnesota.

My current teaching schedule includes drawing classes and storytelling classes at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center and at the Anoka Middle School for the Arts. We are covering character design, story boarding and visual storytelling.

So far, 2015 has proven to be a very busy year for the fire department too. We have responded to a large number of fire and medical related, placing us quite a bit ahead of schedule from last year.

Lastly, I will once again be competing in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in Minneapolis onLLFD Maltese February 21st. This is the event where we don full fire gear, including our air pack, and climb 31 stories as quickly as we can. We do this to raise money for a great cause and to honor those who we have lost to lung disease. My time last year was 7:23. I am aiming to shave off nearly a minute this year and finish in 6:30. If you’d like to donate to my climb, you can follow this link. Donate to Scott’s Fight for Air Climb! Any donations are truly appreciated!

So, there is February in a blink. I will be taking my wife out to a nice Valentine dinner, watching our son sing at Minneapolis Orchestra Hall and celebrating his 18th birthday with our family. February is going to be an amazing month. I hope yours is amazing too!

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