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2015; It all started with a …

January 14, 2015

What a wild ride the holidays were this year! As I continue to juggle my career as an artist with being a fire fighter, I am finding that some nights are not conducive to rest. For example, on December 30th, at about 9pm, I and the rest of the Engine 21 crew pulled up on the scene of a very large house fire. The house, a new build, was approximately 7000 square feet and was already spitting flames in to the air as high as 40 feet when we arrived. As the first crew on the scene, we stretched hose and started putting water on the fire, hoping to save any thing we could. We managed to keep the fire away from the neighboring homes, but the new house was a total loss. We fought the fire for nearly seven hours.

December 30, 2014

The next day, as I woke up from about two hours of rest, I sat down in my studio and flipped through my emails. Inside my mailbox were three work offers; one of them a picture book! This work, along with my teaching schedule will likely keep me busy in to May or June of this year. It is a wonderful feeling to start the new year like this.

After a short visit to Los Angeles with The Ghosts Stories group , Jay Asher and Sammy Sarzoza, I returned home, anxious to get started on the first batch of work for 2015.

Photo-bombing myself

With every jump forward, I occasionally find that a tiny step back is necessary. The most recent step back was a black screen of death on my art computer. As I sat down on Monday morning, ready to get started on a big week of work, I hit the power button on my computer. I sipped some water while flipping through my mail and watched as my computer screen sat blank. The computer whistled, hummed and “grinded”; but it never brought an image up on the screen. Crossing my fingers and letting the cold sweat from my brow sting the whites of my eyes, I restarted it…five times. Nothing changed. Bummer…At 8 am on a Monday, I had lost my primary tool of creation. I panicked as I lost my calendar, my notes and all of the work I had done the previous week. Did I back everything up? About three weeks prior, but everything from the middle of December to this day was gone; lost in the darkness that was now my computer’s corpse.

Running in Hollywood

Look out Hollywood!

After two days or drawing “rough sketches” (caveman-style) on a lap board with pencils, the computer repair shop had set me up with a brand new computer and I was soon to be back; full swing in to my work. It only took four hours for me to re-install all of my software. 🙂

So today, I start work on four new projects, with a brand new computer system as my tool. Look out world; 2015 has arrived and I’m driving! I hope everyone has an amazing 2015!

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