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My exhibit at the Historic Red Wing Train Depot…Begins March 1st.

February 24, 2014


Red Wing, Minnesota has always been one of my favorite small cities. In many ways, it seems as though modern times has left Red Wing untouched, preserving the town’s extensive history. There are many attractions in this little town to keep the average visitor busy and happy.


The Bluff is perfect for hikers and rock climbers of all skill levels. The Antique Mall and the Red Wing Shoe company both offer hours of casual wandering and fun shopping opportunities for the whole family. And my favorite aspect of Red Wing is the old downtown area. Brick buildings with well over 100 years of stories are decorated with age and “metal-smithed” stars designed to prevent the brick walls from crumbling to the sidewalks. (This is true.)

At the lowest point of the town, along the edge of the Mississippi River, stands a historic train depot, which is still in operation.To many, this little building is one of the key features of Red Wing. Built in 1905, this building now houses more than just a train station. Since 2003, this amazing building has been home to an art gallery, maintained by the Red Wing Arts Association

Beginning March 1st and running to the end of the month, I am exhibiting a collection of my work within this gallery. I will share the space with a number of very talented school-age artists who will undoubtedly remind all of us how wonderful it was to be a child artist. It should be a wonderful exhibit and I am looking forward to sharing the gallery with this great group of kids.


So, if you are in the area of Red Wing, I’d love to see you stop and visit the gallery. The show begins on March 1st and will follow the normal business hours of the gallery. I look forward to seeing all of you there!


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  1. Kristin Bray permalink
    March 1, 2014 6:51 pm

    We were at the opening today with my Kindergartener Kylie. When you commented on her mice painting, she didn’t respond with much because she was so shy, but let me tell you- that will stick with her for many years!! THANK YOU. My daughters and I could’ve stayed at the gallery all day looking at the illustrations and coming up with stories for them. You have a great gift! We’re sending all of our friends down to see the show! 🙂 Thanks again for influencing my young artist!

    • March 1, 2014 9:39 pm


      It was a real pleasure to meet you and Kylie today. Thank you visiting the gallery and encouraging Kylie. I hope she continues to enjoy art and the amazing things we can do with it.

      Take care,

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