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December is the month of…

December 9, 2013

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when December 1st arrives? Snow? Winter? The holidays?

This is the time of year where I begin spending some of my daily effort on developing new ideas for stories and illustrations. Some times I use trigger words, grabbing them from Websites like or . Other times, I just sit back in my chair and search my mind for something that inspires an idea. From there, I start sketching or typing and I follow it wherever it takes me.

One morning, a trigger word led me to this…

Snow BallWhich brings up a second thought…

I love comic strips! So, I often find myself (when doing my daily warm-up drawing) creating a story, creating characters, grabbing one small idea from that story and turning it in to my daily warm-up. In fact, as I type this, I am sitting on another idea for a comic strip.

Whether I’m just warming up or I’m working on a full-fledged concept, I find that trigger words (and the Websites that provide them) are very valuable. They help me avoid ruts and they keep my mind loose and prepared for anything that might come my way.

I hope all of you enjoy the holidays

and avoid the ruts too! 🙂

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