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The End of Summer; The Beginning

September 27, 2013

It was a wonderful summer in west-central Minnesota! Between comic books, comic strips, clips of animation and two picture books, I somehow found time to float on the lake, make it to some ballgames and hike through San Diego, CA, Red Wing, MN and Denver. CO. What very well might go down as the greatest summer of my life was so jam packed with work and fun, I almost forgot to change my socks. It’s a good thing I rarely wear them. 😉

So, here’s to a great summer and what looks to be an even more amazing fall! I recently finished a book cover for a book called “Babes in Gangland”, written by Bix Skahill. I also put the finishing touches on two new posters for Horrorizons: Iconic Art. They are available beginning to day at Crypticon, Minneapolis and at the Horrorizons Website. Finally, my teaching schedule has become very busy too. I am currently giving Beginning Illustration classes in Bloomington, Minnesota which will last through the winter and I am teaching the basics of art to a great group of kids at Fridley High School.

Swinging for the swamps!

Swinging for the swamps!

As the leaves turn colors and the grass goes to sleep for a few months, my stylus will also float across the unfinished pages of another picture book, a comic strip series and the on-going process for my graphic novel. I hope everybody has a great fall! Though I love fall, I will miss baseball just a bit. 🙂

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