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The Beautiful Blogger Award!

June 6, 2012

It’s tough for a guy to allow a word such as “beautiful” to describe him or in this case, something he has done. When a guy completes a project, like mowing the lawn, it’s often good enough to get a “Hey, the yard looks awesome” or “nice grass” acknowledgment from the neighbor. In fact, I am usually just pleased to sit back and look at the job I have done, without any acknowledgement at all.

Beautiful Blogger Award 2012

So, when I received a nomination for “The Beautiful Blogger Award” (thanks to Martha Steward for the awesome nomination), my first reaction was “Yikes! How do I respond to that!?!” Then, after my male brain thought about it for a while, I figured out it was actually quite an honor. I mean, considering how many blogs are out there (I haven’t counted, but I believe there are more than 50), just the thought of my blog being singled out and nominated for an award was pretty cool. And “beautiful”…well, let’s just say “Beauty is in the eye of the Blogger.” I’ve seen many blogs which I think are outstanding and here are 7 which I truly enjoy visiting between illustrations and walks with the dog.

1. Wobegon Girl This blog has made me laugh so hard, sound came out of my mouth…and sometimes my nose.

2. To Infinnerty & Beyond  An art student in some town I have never visited. He has a strong talent for creating characters and a great eye for color. Watch out world; when this kid graduates he’s going to be amazing!

3. Nina’s Blog Illustrator behind the children’s book “Cedric and the Dragon“, Nina Crittenden is a fellow Minnesotan who makes her blog fun with her calendar-appropriate (does that make sense?) illustrations and her great sense of humor.

4. Darby’s Story I am a big-time animal lover, and so is this blog. Author, Martha Steward does an amazing job keeping her charming and good-intentioned blog full of great topics and photos. I visit her blog often. 🙂

5. Friday’s 13 Word Film Review I love movies! Horror movies, prison movies, isolation movies, sci-fi movies, animated movies; you name it. This blog is relatively new to the web, but I love to read it because the author reviews somewhat obscure films and does it in record time. 13 words to review a movie! Genius!

6. Christina Rodriguez Illustration I met Christina a couple years ago on an illustrator’s field trip to Como Zoo, in Minnesota. What impresses me the most about Christina’s blog is how often she updates it. Her work has been published in numerous children’s books. Yet, she makes time to update her blog as regularly as possible. I suspect she is working some long days. 🙂 Check out her blog and read about her current projects, workshops and all kinds of great stuff for children’s illustrators and writers.

7. Dantat Dan Santat is the illustrator of a number of awesome children’s books, including Oh no! and Sidekicks. My favorite part of Dan’s blog is the book trailers he creates and shares. They are wonderful! Did I mention Dan is also a superhero?

So, there you have it. Seven blogs which I think are worthy of The Beautiful Blogger Award. I highly recommend you visit and follow each of these blogs. Whether they are established blogs with big followings or little blogs which are still growing, I believe the authors associated with them do an amazing job and are destined  to do great things! Follow them now before their minds are extracted and donated to science for extensive testing. 🙂

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