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February 27th is International Polar Bear Day!

February 26, 2012

International Polar Bear Day is a day set aside especially for the big white fur balls we all love to watch on television and at the zoo. Besides being a day for the animal itself, many zoos around the country are using International Polar Bear Day as a day to encourage energy conservation; and it’s really easy! By simply turning the thermostat down a degree or two, we can save astronomical amounts of energy worldwide. Though I am not very good at this myself, I do intend to turn my thermostat down and work in a sweatshirt all day. 🙂

As my own special call-out to the polar bear, I am posting the second issue of my new comic strip; Equator. (You can see Issue #1 by following this link). For those of you who have already checked out Issue #1, I expect a lot of confusion. Yes, the first strip introduced two crabs who were clearly living in the tropics. Now the second strip features a polar bear? So what gives? Well, you’ll have to stay to tuned. And don’t worry, I promise to bring clarity very soon! Have a great week everybody!

polar bear, cell phone, WiFi, ice berg, float, ice, comic strip, line art, illustration

Equator #2

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