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The “One and Done Anthology” is now available!

January 31, 2012

I am very proud to announce the availability of Invest Comics’ One and Done Anthology. This “short attention span” graphic novel features nearly 50 pages of 1-page stories. The one-page I wrote and illustrated, 12 Bells appears in this anthology. Also featured in the anthology is a page from my brother, Sean Spinks, titled Urban Hunting 101.

The One and Done Anthology can be purchased for $6.99 through this link:

The One and Done Anthology

I am making a special offer to anyone in the Twin Cities metro area. If you buy a copy of the One and Done Anthology, I will sign a copy of it for you for no extra charge. The catch is minor. Once you have received your copy, send me an email and let me know when and where I can meet you so I can sign your copy for you.

Invest Comics, One and Done, 12 Bells, Urban Hunting 101, comic, illustrator, Spinks, Katz, art, story, mortality

I hope you all enjoy this very entertaining collection! 🙂

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