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32 ounces (days) of Catch-up…

November 15, 2011

Like a furry, non-offensive, little fuzzball, my last 32 days started out as a cute little gremlin. Then, while I wasn’t looking, somebody fed that gremlin after midnight and let it play in the rain. By the middle of October, I had a hundred little gremlins running around the house. It was a very eventful 32 days. Here is a quick summary.

First, I was recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-dan Armada. I put this one on the back burner. Second, I was given the opportunity to create a promotional comic for Anthony D P Mann’s upcoming film, The Terror of Dracula. The comic is almost finished and I have had a blast creating it. Can’t wait to see the movie! While working on the Dracula comic, I also spent a number of hours creating and opening a virtual poster shop, where anyone can buy a print or two of my work. You can check out the poster shop here.

In the spirit of Halloween, the two middle weekends of October were spent 1) at the Harvest Festival, and 2) in the audience of the 8th grade version of Night of the Living Dead, in black & white. It was really cool! My brother and I wrapped up the Halloween season by attending Crypticon-Minneapolis, a horror convention. At the three-day convention, we watched horror movies, met with a panel of horror writers, took part in a paranormal investigation and met a number of really cool people. On the “list of cool” were Doug Bradley, (Pinhead from Hellraiser films), Tom Towles (from Night of the Living Dead), Alex Vincent (Andy from Child’s Play), and Ant Lucia (a very cool illustrator from Iowa).

Doug Bradley, PinheadAnt Lucia








And there’s more…as October wrapped up, November arrived. And many gremlins were still dancing on my drawing table. November 1st marked the first day in nearly ten years where I wasn’t working for the college. In late October, a corporate “restructuring” released a number of great people and me back in to the wild. (Guess I should have taken that gig with the Star League.) November also brought solid details about a pair of upcoming art shows, which my work will be a part of. The first show actually starts today and the reception, with snacks (YEAH SNACKS!) will take place on the 26th of November. Check out my blog or my Facebook page for details.

All in all, it’s been a busy 32 days, and I am looking forward to being even busier as the holidays approach. Along with everything that happened to me, a lot of friends and family had birthdays, my newest nephew was baptized, my parents and my wife’s parents had anniversaries and the Vikings changed quarterbacks (finally). Be cool everybody! 🙂

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