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February and March were exciting! Looking forward to April!

April 2, 2015
My New York team!

It’s been a fast-paced, wild couple of months. Since January, I have begun training for my Fire Investigation certification, completed illustration projects for United Methodist Publishers, Patterson Companies and a number of smaller organizations. I completed a residency at Anoka Middle School for the Arts, gave a handful of drawing and writing workshops to a number of girl scout troops and traveled by bus to New York with 90+ high school music kids. I also managed to shave 42 seconds off of last year’s time in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb Fire Fighter Challenge. This year’s time was 7:00. Next year, I’ll aim for 6:30. :) It’s been a busy spring for the LLFD too, We have seen a number of wind-assisted fires lately and today looks to be more of the same. All in all, it has been a great kick off to 2015! Here are some photos.We climb in honor. A card from the Anoka kids. I always get the most beautiful Irish girl on St. Pat's Day! concept for one of my UMP projects. My New York team! the LLFD Climb Team, 2015 Lil and I at the Walker Anoka Middle School for the ArtsDoug and I at the Fight for Air Climb

February; the month of…

February 9, 2015

Occasionally, I catch the snow melting on the sidewalk, acting as if April is right around the corner. But then, a frigid breeze rolls across the ground and glazes that melting snow with a brand new layer of winter. So, I keep my wool socks near my boots by the back door and I get back to work, ignoring my misguided hope for an early spring. But, as a bird perches on the shrub in front of my studio window, I find myself longing for spring again. Listening closely for sounds of bees buzzing, ski boats making swift turns around the lake and larger flocks of birds, singing the praises of warm weather. But as another breeze blows, I shake my day dreams off and focus myself back to work on a new illustration.

My schedule has been buwabbitssy in 2015 and it looks to be even busier as I move toward spring. I just finished a pair of projects for United Methodist Publishing House and I am about to begin another. On top of those wonderful projects, I am also beginning work on a new picture book. This book will be published by Pauline Books & Media.

As some of you may already know, my illustration and writing work is only about 60 percent of my normal workload. I also teach two days per week at a variety of schools around Minnesota.

My current teaching schedule includes drawing classes and storytelling classes at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center and at the Anoka Middle School for the Arts. We are covering character design, story boarding and visual storytelling.

So far, 2015 has proven to be a very busy year for the fire department too. We have responded to a large number of fire and medical related, placing us quite a bit ahead of schedule from last year.

Lastly, I will once again be competing in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in Minneapolis onLLFD Maltese February 21st. This is the event where we don full fire gear, including our air pack, and climb 31 stories as quickly as we can. We do this to raise money for a great cause and to honor those who we have lost to lung disease. My time last year was 7:23. I am aiming to shave off nearly a minute this year and finish in 6:30. If you’d like to donate to my climb, you can follow this link. Donate to Scott’s Fight for Air Climb! Any donations are truly appreciated!

So, there is February in a blink. I will be taking my wife out to a nice Valentine dinner, watching our son sing at Minneapolis Orchestra Hall and celebrating his 18th birthday with our family. February is going to be an amazing month. I hope yours is amazing too!

So far

2015; It all started with a …

January 14, 2015

What a wild ride the holidays were this year! As I continue to juggle my career as an artist with being a fire fighter, I am finding that some nights are not conducive to rest. For example, on December 30th, at about 9pm, I and the rest of the Engine 21 crew pulled up on the scene of a very large house fire. The house, a new build, was approximately 7000 square feet and was already spitting flames in to the air as high as 40 feet when we arrived. As the first crew on the scene, we stretched hose and started putting water on the fire, hoping to save any thing we could. We managed to keep the fire away from the neighboring homes, but the new house was a total loss. We fought the fire for nearly seven hours.

December 30, 2014

The next day, as I woke up from about two hours of rest, I sat down in my studio and flipped through my emails. Inside my mailbox were three work offers; one of them a picture book! This work, along with my teaching schedule will likely keep me busy in to May or June of this year. It is a wonderful feeling to start the new year like this.

After a short visit to Los Angeles with The Ghosts Stories group , Jay Asher and Sammy Sarzoza, I returned home, anxious to get started on the first batch of work for 2015.

Photo-bombing myself

With every jump forward, I occasionally find that a tiny step back is necessary. The most recent step back was a black screen of death on my art computer. As I sat down on Monday morning, ready to get started on a big week of work, I hit the power button on my computer. I sipped some water while flipping through my mail and watched as my computer screen sat blank. The computer whistled, hummed and “grinded”; but it never brought an image up on the screen. Crossing my fingers and letting the cold sweat from my brow sting the whites of my eyes, I restarted it…five times. Nothing changed. Bummer…At 8 am on a Monday, I had lost my primary tool of creation. I panicked as I lost my calendar, my notes and all of the work I had done the previous week. Did I back everything up? About three weeks prior, but everything from the middle of December to this day was gone; lost in the darkness that was now my computer’s corpse.

Running in Hollywood

Look out Hollywood!

After two days or drawing “rough sketches” (caveman-style) on a lap board with pencils, the computer repair shop had set me up with a brand new computer and I was soon to be back; full swing in to my work. It only took four hours for me to re-install all of my software. :)

So today, I start work on four new projects, with a brand new computer system as my tool. Look out world; 2015 has arrived and I’m driving! I hope everyone has an amazing 2015!

October: Mascots, fire fighters, cats and meteor showers!

October 13, 2014

The second half of summer was an illustration-juggling act. Since July, I have created art for the fire department, a school mascot, the thumbnails and script for a graphic novel, signage for a pair of festivals and the text and rough art for a children’s picture book (about a meteor).

While not glued to my workstation, I tried to get outside and enjoy the sunshine (and the rain). After returning from an extended visit to Europe, we floated, golfed and ran the bases a few times. It was a very enjoyable (but much too short) summer. Relaxation came only when exhaustion demanded it.

Here are a few photos from the second half of summer.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable October!


Summer has been a busy busy time!

August 29, 2014

It has been quite a summer and my to-do list is still pouring off the edges of my desk.

Since my last post, I have created over 300 illustrations for 14 clients, taught over 250 hours of drawing and storytelling classes, traveled for two weeks in Europe and received my certifications in firefighting and hazmat operations. Here are a few peeks at what I have done so far this summer.

Now, I must get back to work. Here’s hoping all of you have a great end to the summer!

More to come very soon!

My exhibit at the Historic Red Wing Train Depot…Begins March 1st.

February 24, 2014


Red Wing, Minnesota has always been one of my favorite small cities. In many ways, it seems as though modern times has left Red Wing untouched, preserving the town’s extensive history. There are many attractions in this little town to keep the average visitor busy and happy.


The Bluff is perfect for hikers and rock climbers of all skill levels. The Antique Mall and the Red Wing Shoe company both offer hours of casual wandering and fun shopping opportunities for the whole family. And my favorite aspect of Red Wing is the old downtown area. Brick buildings with well over 100 years of stories are decorated with age and “metal-smithed” stars designed to prevent the brick walls from crumbling to the sidewalks. (This is true.)

At the lowest point of the town, along the edge of the Mississippi River, stands a historic train depot, which is still in operation.To many, this little building is one of the key features of Red Wing. Built in 1905, this building now houses more than just a train station. Since 2003, this amazing building has been home to an art gallery, maintained by the Red Wing Arts Association

Beginning March 1st and running to the end of the month, I am exhibiting a collection of my work within this gallery. I will share the space with a number of very talented school-age artists who will undoubtedly remind all of us how wonderful it was to be a child artist. It should be a wonderful exhibit and I am looking forward to sharing the gallery with this great group of kids.


So, if you are in the area of Red Wing, I’d love to see you stop and visit the gallery. The show begins on March 1st and will follow the normal business hours of the gallery. I look forward to seeing all of you there!


Kids Do Art: Now through March 1st!

February 7, 2014

KidsDoArtLOGOChildren bring an edge to art that is hard to duplicate. The free spirit they express when working with pencils or paint or molding clay is a clear expression of youth. Each work of art carries with it the intricacies of a well developed vision, but gives us the feeling it was laid down without a second of hesitation. Beginning February 8th and running through March 1st, Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, Minnesota will have on display over 600 pieces of art…created by children!

At the Kids Do Art exhibit, curated by your’s truly, you will see artwork from children of all ages, from kindergarten through high school. Some have used traditional mediums, like watercolor, pastels and graphite and others have used more “new age” mediums like digital imagery and collage. There is also a wonderful collection of three-dimensional work.


On February 8th and February 15th, there are open-to-the-public receptions for the artists. During these receptions, visitors can meet the young artists and see them in action as they “Draw a Winter Story” on the wall of the main classroom at the art center. The receptions begin at 1:00pm and run until 3:30pm. The receptions (and the exhibits) are free.



So, if you and your family are looking for some free culture this month, look no further than Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, Minnesota. The gallery walls are currently covered from floor to ceiling with hundreds of pieces of art from talented Minnesota children. It is a breath-taking exhibit to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts is located at 6666 East River Road, Fridley, MN 55432. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm.


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